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TGT Bunker Spoon is the culmination of years of trolling with just about every spoon available and not being satisfied with any of them. Years of research and development produced the best bunker spoon available.

The TGT Bunker spoon has captured three qualities needed for attracting Striped Bass. Color, Action and Sound.

The TGT 10.5″ bunker spoon has a rattle. It has been proven that sound attracts and compels fish to strike.

Dual Color  – Some TGT spoons use two colors. The two colors allow for a contrast in low light conditions. The change from a darker color to white provokes more strikes than solid colored spoons.

Eyes – TGT spoons have eyes. The eye provides for more light contrast and more strikes.

Teaser Tail – combined with the erratic swimming of the spoon, the tail provides for more action.

Quality – All TGT spoons are made from Stainless Steel. Providing years of use.

The spoons are powder coated. This finish is far more durable than painting.

Hooks – Larger hooks are used. The placement of the hooks help with the swimming action and increases the hook up ratio.

The TGT Bunker Spoon is deadly on inshore species. The unique rattling mechanism and two tone powder coating has proven to be a fish catcher. This spoon works in dirty and clean water equally well. The action on this spoon will out fish most others hands down. Take one out for a troll to experience the TGT difference. Now coming with a single stinger hook!

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Green/White, White, Yellow/White

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