TN Tackle Hoo Head Ballyhoo Lures


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Blue Blue Crystal

Blue Head-BlueCrystal
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Blue/Blu/Cry 3oz 5 $18.00
Blu/Blu/Cry 4.5oz 3 $21.00

Blue Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Blue/Crystal 3oz 5 $18.00
Blu/Crystal 4.5oz 3 $21.00

Glow Blue Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Glow/Blu/Cry 3oz 3 $18.00
Glw/Blu/Cry 4.5oz 2 $21.00

Glow Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Glow/Cry 3oz 4 $18.00
Glw/Cry 4.5oz 4 $21.00

Glow Pink Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Glow/Pk/Cry 3oz 2 $18.00
Glw/Pk/Cry 4.5oz 4 $21.00

Green Chartreuse Green

Green Head-Greenchart
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Grn/Grn/Ch 3oz 5 $18.00
Gn/Grn/Ch 4.5oz 5 $21.00

Green Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Grn/Cry 3oz 1 $18.00
Gn/Cry 4.5oz 1 $21.00

Pink Blue Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Pk/Blu/Cry 3oz 1 $18.00
Pink/Blu/Cry 4.5oz 3 $21.00

Pink Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Pink/Crystal 3oz 2 $18.00
Pk/Crystal 4.5oz 3 $21.00

Red Blue

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Red/Blue/Cry 3oz 1 $18.00
Red/Blu/Cry 4.5oz 4 $21.00

Red Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Red/Crystal 3oz 2 $18.00
Rd/Crystal 4.5oz 5 $21.00

Sand Eel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
Sand Eel 3oz 2 $18.00
SandEel 4.5oz 4 $21.00

The TN Tackle HooHead is the perfect weight ballyhoo lure for running in all conditions from all positions.  This lure is perfect for running over a traditionally rigged chin-weighted ballyhoo or split bill ballyhoo for superior bait presentation.  The 3oz HooHead is also the perfect choice for running with your favorite artificial tails. This lure is a favorite among the northeast tuna fleet but is also extremely productive when fished around the world for tuna, marlin, and mahi.

Unlike many of the lures in this category, the TN Tackle Hoo Head is a resin lure. Resin lures are more difficult to chip the paint off since there is no paint. The resins are UV stabilized to keep their color for years out in the harsh elements of offshore fishing. The resin composition resists chipping and cracking.

The hole in the back of the lure is oversized. This permits the use of a Ballyhoo spring or a large eye Southern Tuna style hook. The TN Tackle is keel-weighted. The tail stock of the lure has an indicator mark to tell the angler which side of the lure is down. The lure has a piece of heavy-duty chafe tube molded into the lure head. This feature ensures that no burrs or sharp edges inside of the lure will damage the leader material. All TN Tackle Hoo Heads feature mylar flash material to help with a bite response.

The Hoo Head can run well in all positions. We have found that this lure runs better than many of its competitors in rough conditions.

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Dimensions N/A

Blue Blue Crystal, Blue Crystal, Glow Blue Crystal, Glow Crystal, Glow Pink Crystal, Green Chartreuse Green, Green Crystal, Green Green Chartreuse, Pink Blue Crystal, Pink Crystal, Red Blue, Red Crystal, Sand Eel, Silver Crystal


3oz, 4.5oz

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