Joe Shute Keel Weighted Lures


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Sand Eel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF3KWSE 3oz 5 $21.99
FF5KWSE 5oz 3 $26.95


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF3KWW 3oz 2 $21.99
FF5KWW 5oz 1 $26.95

Pink-White/Pink Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF3KWPW 3oz 0 $21.99
FF5KWPW 5oz 2 $26.95

Dolphin/Tri Blend

kw dolphin
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF3KWGY 3oz 3 $21.99
FF5KWGY 5oz 3 $26.95

Candy Apple Red/Crystal

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF3KWCAR 3oz 5 $21.99
FF5KWCAR 5oz 4 $26.95


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
FF3KWBW 3oz 4 $21.99
FF5KWBW 5oz 5 $26.95

Joe Shute keel weighted lures are our newest series of lures. The keel-weighted version is designed with more weight on the bottom side of the head. This allows the lure head to run parallel to the bait.  Using a Ballyhoo or Ronz tail, the lure will track better. The head of the lure has a 1/2″ opening in the rear of the head. This increased hole size allows the use of a ballyhoo spring. The spring will be inside of the lure head locking the bait in place.  This head can also be used with a standard pin rig or a pin-less rig.

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3oz, 5oz, 8oz


Blue-White/Blue-Crystal, Candy Apple Red/Crystal, Dolphin/Tri Blend, Pink-White/Pink Crystal, Sand Eel, White/Crystal

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