Yo-Zuri Bull Pop


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SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1154-CBH 6in/2.5oz 7

Chrome Sardine

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1154-CIW 6in/2.5oz 1


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1154-CDR 6in/2.5oz 6

Flying Fish

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1154-CFF 6in/2.5oz 6

Ghost Black

Bull pop Ghost Black
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1154-CGHB 6in/2.5oz 4


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1154-CM 6in/2.5oz 10

Pearl Yellow Pink

Yo-Zuri Bull Pop
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1154-CPYP 6in/2.5oz 5
SKU Size Weight Hooks Split Rings Color Price
R1154-CBH 6" 2.5oz 3x Treble 3x Split Rings $19.99

Yo-Zuri Bull Pop


R1154-CIW Chrome Sardine 6 2 1/2 $19.99
R1154-CDR Dorado 6 2-1/2 $19.99
R1154-CFF Flying Fish 6 2-1/2 $19.99
R1154-CGHB Ghost Black 6 2-1/2 $19.99
R1154-CM Mackerel 6 2-1/2 $19.99
R1154-CPYP Pearl Yellow Pink 6 2-1/2 $19.99

Yo-Zuri Bull Pop. The Bull Pop has been redesigned with added features and a lower price point. This versatile popper comes in two sizes and ten color patterns to cover a variety of inshore and offshore fishing applications. Perfectly weighted for long distance casting, the Bull Popper is ideal for surf casting for Striped Bass, Jack Crevalle or Roosterfish or for casting to breaking schools of Tuna and Dorado from the boat. Yo-Zuri has upgraded the new Yo-Zuri Bull Pop with their patented Power Body, 3X treble hooks and through wire construction to give it the durability to handle any trophy inshore or offshore fish. The large cupped mouth creates extreme surface commotion that draws fish in from long distances.

No other surface popper has the versatility of the bull pop. Built to with stand the most extreme bites from offshore predators. Yet, is easily used in the surf or from a boat on a variety of inshore species.

The finish of the lure is incredible. The quality of the finish is usually found on lures three and four times the price of the bull pop.

For fish catching ability and value, the Bull Pop is at the head of its class.


Project Specs

ID Length (in) Length (mm) Weight (oz) Weight (g)
R1154 6 150 2-1/2 70
R1155 8 200 5 140

Diving / Action

ID Action Type Diving Depth (ft) Diving Depth (m)
R1154 Popping / Splashing 0 0
R1155 Popping / Splashing 0 0




Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in

Ballyhoo, Chrome Sardine, Dorado, Flying Fish, Ghost Black, Mackerel, Pearl Yellow Pink, Sardine



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