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SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1370 Bone 1 3/4oz 5 $16.99
R1371 Bone 2 3/4oz 4 $17.99

Green Mackerel

mag pop green macke
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1370 HGM 1 3/4oz 7 $16.99
R1371 HGM 2 3/4oz 6 $17.99


Mag Pop
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1370 HIW 1 3/4oz 7 $16.99
R1371 HIW 2 3/4oz 5 $17.99

Pearl Red Head

mag pop red head
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1370 PRH 1 3/4oz 7 $16.99
R1371 PRH 2 3/4oz 2 $17.99

Black Purple

mag pop black purple
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1370 BP 1 3/4oz 5 $16.99
R1371 BP 2 3/4oz 5 $17.99


mag pop bronze
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1370 HAJ 1 3/4oz 16 $16.99
R1371 HAJ 2 3/4oz 5 $17.99


mag Pop Yellow
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1370 YELL 1 3/4oz 2 $16.99
R1371 YELL 2 3/4oz 3 $17.99

Black Silver

mag pop black silver
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
R1370 CSBL 1 3/4oz 0 $16.99
R1371 CSBL 2 3/4oz 3 $17.99

The Mag Series Mag Popper is a top water popper lure. This lure comes in two sizes: 5 ¼”, 1 ¾ oz and 6-1/4”, 2-3/4oz. Designed with an irresistible gigantic water pushing face. Which make it perfect for stop & go retrieves, or a pause/jerk/pop technique, or a fast popping retrieve. The new Weight Transfer System makes for unbelievably long casts are features developed by Yo-Zuri’s product development teams working closely with their pro-staff saltwater anglers.

Action: Top water Popper
Body: Tough and Durable ABS Resin.
Length: R1370 – 5 ¼’, 130 mm.
Weight: 1 ¾ oz
Hardware: 3x Heavy Duty Hooks and 3X Heavy Duty Split Rings
Features: Patented Weight Transfer System
Colors: Bone, Black Purple, Black Silver, Bronze, Green Mackerel, Sardine, Pearl Red Head, Yellow.
Depth Range: Surface Popper

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1 3/4oz, 2 3/4oz


Black Purple, Black Silver, Bone, Bronze, Green Mackerel, Pearl Red Head, Sardine, Yellow

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