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Guy Cotten Clothing Designed And Refined Over Thirty Years Guy Cotten clothing is everything that it claims to be with its foul weather gear and high-quality marine clothing. With products that have been designed and refined over thirty years, Guy Cotten boasts highly durable, comfortable and functional clothing that will meet the needs of the professional and the hobbyist outdoorsman or woman. You will surely find what you need with a glance through our selection of Guy Cotten products. Whether you seek waterproof gear or just a warm layer, look no further. The professional fisherman will appreciate the unparalleled X Trapper Bib Trousers for commercial fishing, or perhaps the slightly more lightweight and flexible Pacific Bib Trousers. The Torgass jacket (replacing the famous Icelander jacket) is matchless in its ability to withstand the harshest seas and conditions, and the Yukon fleece pullover is an essential layering piece for anyone facing the elements. For warmth, the Arctic hoodie is made of medium weight Polartec Windpro® fleece, providing water repellency and insulation under your Guy Cotten hooded rain jacket. If it does get wet, the Arctic hoodie is quick to dry. For your storage and carrying needs, we also have a selection of waterproof duffel bags.Whether it is a feature like Neoprene sleeves or adjustable bib trousers, you will find a fit for you. Our collection of Guy Cotten products comes with the Guy Cotten guarantee of satisfaction. All clothing items come in a variety of sizes and are meant to please. We have what you are looking for, at the price that you want.

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