BKK SF Deep Heavy Assist Hook


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A-EJ-8920 8/0 3pk 74.8kg/164.6lb Bright Tin $13.99
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A-EJ-8921 9/0 3pk 86.1kg/189.4lb Bright Tin $13.99
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A-EJ-8922 10/0 2pk 120.2kg/264.4lb Bright Tin $13.99
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A-EJ-8923 11/0 2pk 135.1kg/297.2lb Bright Tin $13.99
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A-EJ-8924 12/0 1pk 145.1kg/319.22lb Bright Tin $13.99
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A-EJ-8925 13/0 1pk 150.1kg/330.2lb Bright Tin $13.99
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BKK SF DEEP jigging hook is designed to tackle massive deep-water fish species with a fast jigging approach.

The SF DEEP comes pre-tied with BKK’s high-quality hollow core cord, made of four strands interwoven into a strong and flexible assist line able to handle big fish.

Besides, the glow binding thread on the hook – protected by a transparent shrinking tube – enhances the attractiveness in deep and dark water conditions.

The assist hook features BKK’s Hand Ground sharp hook point technology, a Bright Tin coating preventing saltwater corrosion, and BKK’s signature Micro Ring Technology, providing you with a cutting-edge deep seawater jigging hook equipped to go after monster fish.

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