Lone Diablo Inline Hook


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A-ES-8961 1/0 8pk 44lb Bright Tin $11.99
A-ES-8962 2/0 6pk 55lb Bright Tin $11.99
A-ES-8963 3/0 6pk 66lb Bright Tin $11.99
A-ES-8964 4/0 5pk 88lb Bright Tin $11.99
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A-ES-8965 5/0 4pk 137lb Bright Tin $12.99
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A-ES-8967 7/0 4pk 154lb Bright Tin $12.99
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A-ES-8969 9/0 3pk 184lb Bright Tin $12.99
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A-ES-8971 11/0 3pk 203lb Bright Tin $13.99
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A-ES-8973 13/0 2pk 220lb Bright Tin $13.99
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The idea behind the design of the BKK-LONEDIABLO was to create the perfect single hook for lures.

BKK’s latest technologies have been put together to give birth to this hook, equipped with top-notch penetration performance, long lasting saltwater corrosion resistance and an excellent strength of the hook structure.

The innovative BKK Hand-Ground hook point provides cutting edge sharpness and penetration performance, while the Ultra-Antirust coating technology minimizes the possibility of rusting and the peculiar hook shape maintains the grip throughout the fight.

Last but not least, the combination of Micro and Slim Ring results in a slim profile without affecting the strength of the hook.

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