Plugging Single HD


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A-ES-8932 10/0 2pk Bright Tin $19.99
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A-ES-8933 11/0 2pk Bright Tin $19.99
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A-ES-8934 12/0 2pk Bright Tin $24.99
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The BKK Plugging Single HD is an assist hook developed to cater to heavy-duty salt-water lure fishing and can be a performing alternative to common treble hooks, when reduction of torsional forces is most needed.

In fact, the hollow-core assist cord provides more freedom of motion to the hook, resulting in a heightened hook up ratio and in a lower chance of the hook coming off.

Besides, the single hook causes less damage to the fish, allowing for an easy and fast release.

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10/0, 11/0, 12/0