Beiter Winder Profi Heavy


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The Beiter WINDER PROFI is used by many professional string makers, and the WINDER PROFI HEAVY has been designed to meet the highest requirements for a serving tool.
Thanks to the added weight on the spindle, the centrifugal force while spinning is much higher than with the other Winder models. This allows – paired with the usual Beiter WINDER features – an extremely tight serving! Due to the 15mm stainless steel knobs the Winder PROFI X-HEAVY generates higher centrifugal forces while working and so it allows a tighter serving!

When making a Topshot or Wind-on Leader, how tight you make the serve is extremely important.

When making an double wall or single wall topshot or wind-on, the serve has to support the entire connection. Failure to make a tight serve will lead to failure of the connection. The Beiter Winder Profi Heavy ensures that the serve will be tight and secure.

Our Beiter Winder Profi Heavy – comes fully loaded with 30lb spectra.  You can do many serves before you  will have to refill the spool with spectra line.

The quality of the Beiter Winder Profi is of professional quality.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
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