Thirty Fathoms Knot Pulling Tool


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The Thirty Fathoms Knot & Hook Pulling tool is a great addition to your rigging and terminal tackle tools. The Knot & Hook Pulling Tool allows you to tie FG Knots, Clinch, Seaguar, RP and Uni Knot. The tool is great for tightening hooks that require the hook to be held under some tension. Trilene, Uni, Clinch can all be used with ease using the knot and hook pulling tool.


  • One plain rod, about 1” wide and 5” long.
  • Second rod with through-hole for 1/0 to 6/0 hook.
  • Anodized T-6061 aluminum construction.
  • 3.4 lb magnetic force hold rods together during storage.
  • Anti-slip covering holds line in place to cinch knots easily. Save hands from the pain of spectra!
  • No plastic components.
  • Will not rust or corrode.

How To Use – For Making Knots Between Lines

  1. Wrap ends of main line or leader around each rod three times.
  2. Center the knot in the middle of the two rods.
  3. Pull rods in opposite directions to cinch knot.

How To Use – For Making Knots to Hooks

  1. Place hook through the through-hole.
  2. Wrap line around second rod three times.
  3. Pull rods in opposite directions to cinch knot.
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