Hammered Diamond Jigs


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DB 1CH SH 1oz 16 $3.99
DB 2CH SH 2oz 12 $3.99
DB 3CH SH 3oz 0 $5.29
DB 4CH SH 4oz 37 $6.99
DB 6CH SH 6oz 26 $7.99
DB 8CH HD 8oz 33 $9.99
DB 10CH HD 10oz 41 $11.99
DB 12CH HD 12oz 70 $12.99


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DB 1G SH 1oz 21 $4.99
DB 2G SH 2oz 26 $4.99
DB 3G SH 3oz 8 $6.29
DB 4G SH 4oz 61 $7.99
DB 6G SH 6oz 4 $8.99
DB 8G HD 8oz 0 $10.99
DB 10G HD 10oz 122 $12.99
DB 12G HD 12oz 110 $14.99

Hammered Diamond Jigs are the most versatile metal jigs available. They are easily fished. Hammered Diamond jigs can be cast and retrieved, bounced off the bottom or yo yo jigged.

No other jig can change its presentation as easily as a hammered diamond. By changing the rate of retrieve you can attract different species of fish. Super fast for Bluefish, Kingfish and Wahoo.

Slow and steady for Striped bass, Grouper and Amberjack.

When using the jig as a yo yo jig you can generate strikes from all types of game fish. The yo yo method is especially effective when targeting Tuna. Determine what depth forage and bait fish are located and drop the hammered jig into that zone. Yo yo the jig up and down to generate aggressive strikes from Tuna.

The hammered jig can be used effectively for all types of bottom fish. When bottom fishing color can matter! Gold seems to work best for Sea Bass and Codfish. Chrome is effective on Codfish and Pollack. When conditions present themselves, Hammered Diamond jigs can be deep dropped for Tilefish.

Rigging a hammered diamond jig couldn’t be easier. Attach your mainline the eye on top of the jig with a clinch or uni knot and your set.





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Chrome, Gold


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