Outbound Rudder Spreader Bars




Outbound Rudder Spreader Bars by Strike Point tackle troll to the side of your boats wake. Strike Point has designed a rudder system that allows the bar to swim to the port or starboard by flipping the birds position. The design of the rudder on the center bird is the most robust made. Using a metal rudder with heavy duty spring insures the rudder will not break from normal fishing wear and tear.

These spreader bars have proven to be the most effective type of spreader bar in your trolling spread. Outbound Rudder Spreader Bars fish so far outside your boats side and stern wake, you can still deploy your trolling lures in their normal positions. Ballyhoo rigs, Joe Shute and Bluewater candy lures can be mixed into the spread easily.

Yellowfin, Bluefin, Bigeye and Albacore tuna cant resist the action of the Out Rudder style spreader bar.

  • Get your bar in clean water on either side of your spread.

  • Reversible rudder, simply pull down and twist to swap between port and starboard.

  • 36″ Titanium splash bar with 9″ premium lures.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel hook and bench crimped connections.

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

  • Available in Glow, Green, Purple, Rainbow, and Zucchini.

  • 8 Unrigged Lures + 1 Rigged Stinger









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Green, Glow, Purple, Rainbow, Zucchini

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