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OWN5169111 1/0 Black Chrome 8pk $4.99
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OWN5169121 2/0 Black Chrome 7pk $4.99
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OWN5169131 3/0 Black Chrome 6pk $4.99
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OWN5169141 4/0 Black Chrome 5pk $4.99
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OWN5169151 5/0 Black Chrome 5pk $4.99
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OWN5169161 6/0 Black Chrome 5pk $4.99
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OWN5169171 7/0 Black Chrome 4pk $4.99
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OWN5169181 8/0 Black Chrome 3pk $4.99
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Curved offset point with a heavy duty forged shank and reversed bend Cutting Point™, the Aki Twist® hook is the ideal hook for live-baiting king size saltwater gamefish with heavier lines. Features include a straight eye and black chrome finish. 2X, 3X or 4X strong, depending on hook size.

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1/0 8pk, 2/0 7pk, 3/0 6pk, 4/0 5pk, 5/0 5pk, 6/0 5pk, 7/0 4pk, 8/0 3pk