Shout Kudako Hook


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06-KH-1/0 1/0 6pk Black $6.49
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06-KH-2/0 2/0 6pk Black $6.49
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06-KH-3/0 3/0 5pk Black $6.49
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06-KH-4/0 4/0 4pk Black $6.49
06-KH-5/0 5/0 3pk Black $6.49
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06-KH-6/0 6/0 2pk Black $8.69
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06-KH-7/0 7/0 2pk Black $8.69
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Shout Kudako is one of the strongest hooks made. Kudako hooks feature an up eye design. This is perfect for Snelling or using the heaviest assist cord. Made from lightweight carbon steel, Kudako hooks are designed to catch the largest of Game Fish.



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