Shout Luminous powerful Jaco Assist Hook


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10-PJ-1/0 1/0 3pk 150lb $8.99
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10-PJ-2/0 2/0 3pk 150lb $8.99
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10-PJ-3/0 3/0 3pk 200lb $8.99
10-PJ-4/0 4/0 2pk 300lb $8.99
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10-PJ-5/0 5/0 2pk 300lb $9.49
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Luminous version of the powerful type Jaco Hook using Kudako Hook.
Demonstrates the effect of collecting fish in deep places and in situations where the amount of light in the morning and evening is low. Especially at the point of aiming for amberjack, the bite to this hook is concentrated in the first approach.

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