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Jinkai Fishing Line, a Reputation For Premium QualityJinkai, meaning ‘God’s ocean’, manufactures premium quality fishing products, that carry an assurance you can depend on. Jinkai fishing line and accessories are among the “Best of their kind to be found anywhere in the world.” See our selection of Jinkai products.Protect your line with something from our collection of Jinkai fishing accessories. You’ll discover what you’re looking for among our variety of loop protectors, stainless steel springs, sleeve protectors, thimbles and luminous chafe gear. Fill out your workshop tool bench collection with one of our Jinkai tools. Whether it’s a pair of monofilament cutters, precision mono trimmers, or hand held crimpers, all Jinkai products carry the same reputation for premium quality that Jinkai fishing line  is known for. The Jinkai Bench Mount Crimping tool comes with your choice of one of a variety of die sizes.  Interchangeable dies for all of your crimping needs are available for purchase.You’ll find that many devoted Jinkai fans won’t use any fishing line but Jinkai line for all of their big game fishing needs, and for good reason. The patented process of Jinkai fishing line gives credence to the extraordinary capabilities of their fishing line products. High quality resins make it one of the best monofilaments in the fishing world. Polarized nylon molecules create a tight outer surface that is tough; inner molecules bind together to make a responsive and softer center.The tensile strength of Jinkai fishing line is something that every angler needs to experience. Whether wet or dry, Jinkai leader material demonstrates a consistent test strength that earns it the devoted worldwide following that it has. Leader coils are available in 50 to 400 lb/test strength. It comes in your choice of Jinkai classic ‘smoke blue’ or ‘clear’ colors, and is available in 100 yard lengths. If not selected well, your leader can be the reason why you lose ‘that’ catch. But with Jinkai fishing line, it doesn’t have to be.Jinkai Premium Quality Fishing Line… for the ultimate fishing experience. Find it here, along with a wide selection of fishing accessories for all of your inshore and offshore needs.

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