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Momoi, For Over 100 Years a Leader in Fishing Line TechnologyAs one of the pioneers in synthetic lines, Momoi has over 100 years of experience in meeting high expectations for fishing line technology. Our collection of Momoi products have been field-tested and have proven themselves reliable. Trophy Fishing Tackle has all of your off-shore, big game fishing line needs covered.Momoi Diamond Line is a must-have in any off-shore fishing excursion. It is a technically capable line; offering high abrasion resistance for extreme fishing conditions. Higher tensile ratings give Diamond Line superior knot strengths. Line strength is up to 200% higher than its rating. Diamond Line is available in three classic Momoi colors: Brilliant Blue, Special Clear and Hi-Vis Yellow.The Hi-Catch series of line is a core Momoi product. It scores high in durability, abrasion resistance and strength; everything you need to catch big game fish. Hi-Catch Monofilament is available in bulk 1lb spools, and also in 1/4lb, 2lb, 4lb and 5lb spools. It comes in your choice in the colors: Smoke Blue, Special Clear and Hi-Vis Yellow.The Diamond Presentation Fluorocarbon Leader, available in 100 yard or 100 foot lengths, from 100lb to 200lb/test. It will refract light in almost exactly the same way as saltwater. Plus, it comes in Disappearing Pink, making your line virtually invisible. Those line-shy game fish will strike more often with the Momoi Diamond Presentation leader. As a line, it is much denser and does not absorb water like nylon monofilament, so it will sink much faster than ordinary monofilament lines.Don’t forget those tools you’ll need for rigging your lines and leaders. We sell Momoi’s Hi-Liner CT-1000 and CT-180 Bench Crimpers, plus any die size you would need. Momoi mono cutters- in either the anvil or scissors style- are made from precision machined stainless steel. From light to heavy duty, they will help you build connections that won’t fail when you need them most.Whether you’re looking for 400lb outrigger line, or silver lock sleeves for up to 700lb/test, or maybe luminous beads and light sticks, our Momoi products will keep you on the water night and day. 

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