Challenger Elite Dual Helix – Saltwater & Heavy Freshwater Blank




Composite Layup with Multi Modulus Graphite and 'E' Glass Incorporating 'Dual Helix' Construction. This composite series combines dual helix ply construction with e-glass and multi-modulus graphite to create a light weight east coast style action saltwater blank.

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CE 100 Mag, CE 100 Mega, CE 100 Monster, CE 100 Wahoo, CE 1000 Mag, CE 1000 Mega, CE 1000 Monster, CE 1000 Wahoo, CE 1000 XF, CE 700H, CE 700L, CE 700M, CE 700XH, CE 700XL, CE 700XXH, CE 80 Mag, CE 80 Mega, CE 80 Monster, CE 80 Wahoo, CE 800 Mag, CE 800 Mega, CE 800 Monster, CE 800 Wahoo, CE 800 XF, CE 90 Mag, CE 90 Mega, CE 90 Monster, CE 90 Wahoo, CE 900 Mag, CE 900 Mega, CE 900 Monster, CE 900 Wahoo, CE 900 XF


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