DHX Dual Helix – Saltwater / Heavy Fresh Water Blanks




This series combines our dual helix with 100% multi modulus graphite - a combination that delivers the utmost sensitivity whilst retaining a ?steel-fist-in-a-velvet glove? punch that sets hooks with confidence and lands fish quicker than ever before. There is a blank in this range for almost every type of fishing, be it fresh or salt

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US 100 Mag, US 100 Mega, US 100 Monster, US 100XF, US 55XO, US 55XOS, US 55XXOS, US 60XO, US 60XOS, US 60XXOS, US 65H, US 65HL, US 65HP, US 65M, US 65MH, US 65XO, US 65XOS, US 65XXOS, US 70 Monster, US 70 Predator, US 70 Wahoo JR, US 70H, US 70H-L, US 70HP, US 70LM, US 70M, US 70MH, US 70XH, US 70XO, US 70XOS, US 70XXH, US 76 Tilefish Jr, US 76H, US 76H-L, US 76HP, US 76MH, US 78 Mag, US 78 Mega, US 78 XF, US 78F, US 80 Mag, US 80 Mega, US 80 Mega-Bass, US 80 Monster, US 80 Predator, US 80 Tilefish, US 80 Wahoo, US 80 XF, US 80H, US 80H-L, US 80HP, US 80MH, US 85 Mag, US 85 Mega, US 85 Monster, US 85 XF, US 90 Mag, US 90 Mega, US 90 Monster, US 90XF


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