Challenger Xtreme Dual Helix – Big Game & Rail Blanks




Composite Layup with Multi Modulus Graphite and 'E' Glass Incorporating 'Dual Helix' Construction. This series combines our dual helix with, e-glass and multi-modulus graphite to provide you the most powerful and sophisticated big?game blanks in the world.

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CX 40H, CX 40XH, CX 40XO, CX 40XOS, CX 40XXH, CX 55XXH, CX 55XXH-F, CX 60XXH, CX 70 Gladiator, CX 70 Invictus, CX 70 Raptor, CX 70 Viper, CX 76 Centaur, CX 76 Viper


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