Nomad Design Riptide


Nomad Riptide Stick baits. 105mm-200mm lengths.

Available in S Model (Sinking)

FS – (Fast Sinking)

F – (Floating)




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BPM - Black Pink Mackerel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP155-F-BPM 0 $24.99

SGM- Silver Green Mackerel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP105-S-SGM 4 $16.99
RIP125-SS-SGM 5 $16.99

MLT- Natural Mullet

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP105-S-MLT 3 $16.99

SAR- Sardine

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP105-S-SAR 2 $16.99
RIP125-SS-SAR 5 $16.99
RIP155-F-SAR 1 $24.99
RIP200-S-SAR 0 $34.99
RIP115-F-SAR 5 $15.99

HGS - Holo Ghost

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP105-S-HGS 2 $16.99
RIP125-SS-HGS 2 $16.99
RIP155-F-HGS 3 $24.99
RIP200-S-HGS 3 $34.99
RIP115-F-HGS 3 $15.99

MT - Mack Tuna

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP105-S-MT 4 $16.99
RIP125-SS-MT 4 $16.99
RIP155-F-MT 0 $24.99
RIP200-S-MT 0 $34.99

WTG - White Glow

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP105-S-WTG 2 $16.99

PM - Pink Mackerel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP125-SS-PM 0 $16.99
RIP155-F-PM 1 $24.99
RIP200-S-PM 0 $34.99

SM - Spanish mackerel

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP125-SS-SM 5 $16.99
RIP200-S-SM 4 $34.99

AGS - Amber Ghost Shad

SKU Size Stock Price Qty
RIP155-F-AGS 4 $24.99
RIP155-SS-AGS 4 $24.99

Nomad Design Riptide

With a design that replicates slender-bodied baitfish profiles like pilchards, mullet and sardines, the Riptide body shape is highly effective on all predatory species from far offshore to freshwater applications. The Riptide family is the ultimate range of casting stickbaits covering nearly every size and application of floating, sinking, fast sinking and walk the dog actions required for just about every predatory species. Designed to cast perfectly and balanced to get the perfect action for each size of lure.

  • The floating versions have the perfect balance to achieve that strike inducing ‘S’ shaped swimming motion. With a long sweep of the rod tip the head ducks under with a splash, with the water flowing over the lure’s body a seductive body roll and ‘S’ wave action is imparted sub-surface.

  • Sinking versions have internal weights placed to maximize casting but also to allow the lure to be retrieved with a sub-surface walk the dog action. This sees the lure able to turn nearly 180 degrees when retrieved slowly with a walk the dog “twitching” rod tip action. Nomad Design Riptide

  • Riptide Fatso models have a wider body than the standard Riptide and float higher to offer 3 different retrieve styles of fast and slow walk the dog retrieve. The larger head of this model creates an enticing gulping noise as it walks side to side.

  • The Fast sinking Riptide 105 sinks super fast and is a long casting stick bait with an internal wire design for big fish feeding on small bait. It flutters seductively on the sink with a shimmer that drives the fish wild. Be sure to checkout the videos on the website showing all the different ways to work the riptide lures.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

105mm Slow Sink – 35g, 125mm Sinking – 35g, 155mm Floating – 42g, 155mm Slow Sink – 52g, 200mm Sinking – 100g, 115mm Floating Fatso


MLT- Natural Mullet, SAR- Sardine, SGM- Silver Green Mackerel, AGS – Amber Ghost Shad, BGL – Bluegill, BPM – Black Pink Mackerel, HGS – Holo Ghost, MT – Mack Tuna, PM – Pink Mackerel, SM – Spanish mackerel, WTG – White Glow

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