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213SLO-66BXUL 6'6" PE 0.8-2 60º 9kg 40g-120g/1.4-4.oz 134g/4.7oz 1.5 Fuji Spiral Casting $175.00
213SLO-65BUL 6'5" PE1.5-3 60º 11kg 40-120g/1.4-4.2oz 143g/5.04oz 1.5 Fuji Spiral Casting $175.00
213SLO-63BL 6'3" PE2-4 60º 14kg 100-200g/3.5-7.0 168g/6oz 1 Fuji Spiral Casting $175.00
213SLO-63BM 6'3" PE3-5 60º 18kg 180-350g/6.4-12.34oz 191g/6.7oz 1 Fuji Spiral Casting $175.00
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213SLO-60BH 6' PE4-6 60º 22kg 250-450g/8.8-15.9oz 205g/7.23oz 1 Fuji Spiral Casting $175.00
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213SLO-66SXUL 6'6" PE 0.8-2 60º 9kg 40g-120g/1.5-4.25oz 134g/4.75oz 1.5 Fuji Spinning $175.00
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213SLO-65SUL 6'5" PE1.5-3 60º 11kg 80-160g/2.8-5.64oz 142g/5oz 1.5 Fuji Spiral Casting $175.00
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213SLO-63SL 6'3" PE 2-4 60º 14kg 100-200g/3.5-7oz 165g/5.8oz 1 Fuji Spinning $175.00
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213SLO-63SM 6'3" PE3-5 60º 18kg 180-350g/6.34-12.34oz 198g/7oz 1 Fuji Spinning $175.00
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213SLO-60SH 6'0" PE4-6 60ºkg/22kg 250-450g/8.8-15.8oz 205g/7.23oz 1 Fuji Spinning $175.00
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CONSTELLATION SLOW JIGGING are Spiral Wrapped one and two piece slow pitch jigging rods.

They are made with the finest components available. Toray Carbon fibers. Fuji Guides and reel seat.

EVA grips.

The rods are designed for typical slow pitch jigging. Both high and low style. They are very versatile. And can be used for other applications.

They excel in buck tailing for fluke, flounder and striped bass.











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