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BHP Tackle, Dependable, High Quality and Made in The USAWhen it comes to offshore fishing line solutions, BHP tackle is extremely dependable. What BHP does, it does well. BHP specializes in offshore bluewater angling and the wind-on leaders and topshots often required when big game fishing. Their products are hand-made in the USA from the highest quality spectra and monofilament available.BHP Tackle has all of your offshore, big game fishing leader and top shot needs covered. Wind-on leaders provide safety for your day on the seas, removing the need for a leader man in order to land that huge catch.Momoi Diamond Line Wind-ons are a popular choice among hardcore fisherman due to the abrasion-resistant and strength qualities of the line. Trophy Fishing Tackle is in the forefront of the movement into hollow core spectra line and BHP Tackle has products that meet our high expectations for this fishing line technology. BHP Momoi Hi-Catch Wind-ons are also common among fishermen and desired due to its smooth texture when coming off a reel. The X Hard Wind-On is perfect for shark, marlin or swordfish, and it has become a growing favorite of tournament fisherman. Many of these products make for an easy change due to their loop to loop connections.Momoi Diamond Top Shots, when used with Momoi Diamond Line, might very well provide the strongest spectra monofilament system available.See our collection of BHP tackle items for a variety of lengths (from 50’ to 200yds), colors (clear, brilliant blue, or hi vis yellow) and lb/test strengths (30 to 530 lbs). You will find the item you need, whether it be a cable wind-on for shark fishing or a topshot for long range fishing it’ll be in our collection of BHP tackle products. 

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