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Fish Finder Tackle, Inc (Joe Shute)

Capt. Joe Shute Offers Consistent Results For The Big Game Fish That You Are AfterUsed for many years off the coast of North Carolina, under the original business name of Fish Finder Tackle, Capt. Joe Shute’s trolling lures have consistently proven a necessary addition to any saltwater fisherman’s tackle collection. Whether you are new to saltwater fishing or are a seasoned professional, Capt. Joe Shute lures provide consistent results for the big game fish that you are after. Don’t let them get away….Unlike commercially tied skirts, Capt. Joe Shute- himself!- ties each lure with just the right amount of hair. No bait gets hidden and these lures don’t tangle easily.  As you’ll see in our website, there is a wide variety of size and color combinations- plenty of choices in the Fish Finder trolling lures that we carry. We carry them in 1 oz., 3 oz., 5 ¾ oz. and 8 oz. You’re certain to find the one you need. Recreational, commercial and charter fisherman appreciate the edge that Capt. Joe Shute lures give them. They run great in any rough water applications where you want your bait to run under the surface of the water. They are essential for anyone that is fishing for wahoo or tuna.The Capt. Joe Shute Fish Finder Tackle Lantern series of lures combines both the traditional nylon hair skirts with the durability of rubber tails for a very durable and fish-attracting lure. We carry the 3 oz. and 5 ¾ oz. sizes, which are very popular for catching tuna and wahoo. As always, if you are not happy with any Trophy Fishing Tackle item, you can return new, unused items in the original box with all accessories within 15 days and we’ll be happy to give you an exchange or refund to the credit card account charged, less any shipping fees incurred by the seller or purchaser.Capt. Joe Shute lures carry the guarantee of having served many happy customers over many years. Let yourself be one of them. Explore our Shute lures right now. You’re sure to find what you need to make the catch that you want. We guarantee these trolling lures will quickly become a favorite in your collection!

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