Zakana (Derived from the word of Japanese slang “small baitfish”) The Zakana Casting Jigs come in a wide variety of colors and sizes with its recognizable large black eyes.

Engineered to be both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic, this jig can be casted very long distances with little movement in the air with unmatched accuracy and has the ability once it enters the water to swim and move ever so subtle as a helpless lonely baitfish in the abyss.

Built with VMC 9626 high quality hooks and wire through design makes this jig one of the best performing in its class. This match the hatch to local baitfish casting jig can be casted, jigged or even in some cases trolled.

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SKU Size Stock Price Qty
ZC60G02 60g/2oz 5 $8.99
ZC80G02 80g/3oz 0 $9.99
ZC100G02 100g/3.5oz 0 $10.99
ZC130G02 130g/4.5oz 0 $11.99


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
ZC60G03 60g/2oz 0 $8.99
ZC80G03 80g/3oz 0 $9.99
ZC100G03 100g/3.5oz 0 $10.99
ZC130G03 130g/4.5oz 0 $11.99


SKU Size Stock Price Qty
ZC60G04 60g/2oz 0 $8.99
ZC80G04 80g/3oz 0 $9.99
ZC100G04 100g/3.5oz 0 $10.99
ZC130G04 130g/4.5oz 0 $11.99

G05-Blue Pink

ZC-05-Blue Pink
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
ZC60G05 60g/2oz 0 $8.99
ZC80G05 80g/3oz 0 $9.99
100g/3.5oz 0 $10.99
ZC130G05 130g/4.5oz 0 $11.99

G08-Zebra Glow

ZC-08-Zebra Glow
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
ZC60G08 60g/2oz 0 $8.99
ZC80G08 80g/3oz 0 $9.99
ZC100G08 100g/3.5oz 0 $10.99
ZC130G08 130g/4.5oz 0 $11.99

G10- Zebra Glow Green/Gold

ZC-10-Zebra Glow Green Gold
SKU Size Stock Price Qty
ZC60G10 60g/2oz 0 $8.99
ZC80G10 80g/3oz 0 $9.99
ZC100G10 100g/3.5oz 0 $10.99
ZC130G10 130g/4.5oz 0 $11.99

DAIWA SALTIGA SK JIGS Feature a unique Japanese Slow Jigging design. The unique fall and action entices predatory gamefish to react and attack. The aggressive SALTIGA SK JIG falls, spins and flutters to the desired depth. Once the SALTIGA SK JIG has reached the bottom or a targeted depth, simply wind the reel. The unique swimming action of the SK JIG allows the jig to kick and slap throughout the water column.




Weight N/A
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60g/2oz, 80g/3oz, 100g/3.5oz, 130g/4.5oz


G02-Maiwashi, G03-Pink, G04-Katakutchi, G05-Blue Pink, G08-Zebra Glow, G10- Zebra Glow Green/Gold

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